As Christians, we talk a lot about faith. Yes, we have faith in Jesus, but do we really believe all of the promises of Scripture? In trying circumstances, do we trust in God?

Recently, I was in a trying situation. At the height of the problem, I ran to my room and lay on my bed, sobbing, “Why me, Lord, why me?” I felt so ashamed to be saying it, but I really was wondering why He put me (and my family) in that situation. Then it came to me- faith. The Lord uses situations like this to test us, to try us, to grow our faith.

Faith graphic 1

Think about Job. Job went through extremely trying situations, more so than any of us ever will (at least more than I have). And why? Because God was testing his faith. I hesitate to say that God would test me just as He tested Job, because that seems prideful. However, I believe that He does use trying situations to make our faith greater. Certainly, we probably won’t have everything taken from us, but God uses little things to draw us closer to Him.

Faith graphic 3

Most of us probably wouldn’t choose to go through a hard situation. But really, what is more important in life than a close relationship with God? Isn’t a (relatively) small situation worth being more like Christ? It is hard for me to type this, as I’m not sure if I would choose to go through a trial “just” to be closer to God, but shouldn’t that truly be our greatest desire? Should we not make Him the great pursuit of our life?

Back to the subject at hand- faith. Most of us say we have faith. And most of you who are reading this post probably do have faith in God, have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as the Saviour. However, do we really believe that everything in the Bible is true? We may say we do, but how often do we doubt? How often do we, like I did, ask why, God?

Faith graphic 2

I believe that if we know the truths of the Bible well, we will have a greater faith. If we read our Bibles often, and know God’s Word well, we will trust Him more fully. I enjoy searching for promises in Scripture- Psalms is a great place to look! There are also truths to be found that are not easy to find. Searching for nuggets of truth- and finding them!- is a great pleasure. God rewards those who diligently seek Him!

Faith graphic 4

As I write this post, I honestly feel guilty. I don’t live up to the standards that I write about. I am not a “model Christian”. But who can be? A great thing to remember is that we cannot do anything by ourselves. We need the Lord’s help. If you are a born-again Christian, you know that you cannot get to Heaven on your own. So why do we so often try to become more like Christ on our own? We simply can’t! We need to ask the Lord to help us, for He is the only One that can.


As a side note: Happy Resurrection Sunday! May you have a wonderful day worshiping our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. ♥




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