Radiant Hearts Magazine was founded by Leona Ruth in 2018. The purpose of this magazine is to encourage Christian girls to shine radiantly for Christ. RHM may or may not always agree with every view expressed in each article.

About the contributors:

leona2Leona Ruth is a conservative teenage born-again Baptist young lady who striving to serve the Lord in all that she does. Leona enjoys reading, and reviews encouraging books (and occasional movies or music) on her blog (Great Books for God’s Girls). In 2018, she started Radiant Hearts Magazine, an online magazine for Christian girls. Some of her hobbies include graphic designing, photography, playing music, and writing. Leona is a graphic designer, photographer, and editor for RHM.

Chloe P. is a teenage young lady. She asked Jesus to be her Savior when she was ten and tries her hardest to serve the Lord daily. Chloe loves reading books from multiple genres, including historical fiction, Biblical fiction, Christian fiction, and more. She blogs at Purely by Faith and Purely by Faith Reviews. Her other hobbies include photography, graphic designing, playing video-games, baking (mostly desserts), writing, and filmography. Chloe is one of the graphic designers for RHM.


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