Winter 2019 Issue Published!

The February 2019 issue has been released! This issue is on the topic of modesty and dress. Please click on the cover below to read it. And as stated in the magazine, please comment below what you think about this issue! I'd love to be able to include a page in the next issue of … Continue reading Winter 2019 Issue Published!


Encouragement in Persecution

Living in the United States, as most reading this do, we don't face persecution on a daily basis. However, persecution may be coming to America. Some people may lose their jobs if they aren't "politically correct" and refuse to do things that are contrary to the Bible. Things might worsen even more in the future! … Continue reading Encouragement in Persecution

Count Your Blessings!

Yes, I do realize that by the time you read this, Thanksgiving will be over and you are probably now focused on the rapidly approaching "Christmas season". However, thankfulness is something we should put into practice at all times (I Thess. 5:18 tells us that, and I will be referencing it soon)! With that in … Continue reading Count Your Blessings!

Issue Four Released!

The fourth issue of Radiant Hearts Magazine has been published! To read it, click on the cover below. (Note: We have been notified that readers using mobile devices to access this may not be able to read it. If this is the case for you, please contact us via the contact page, and we will try to … Continue reading Issue Four Released!

Last Chance to Enter the Photography Contest!

Yes, you read that right! For those who are interested in the photography contest (details in the last issue), emails will be sent to the entrants with more information on Tuesday (October 2nd, 2018). If you have not already filled out the form for the contest and would like to enter, please click here to do so … Continue reading Last Chance to Enter the Photography Contest!

The Importance of Bible Time

I know that you've probably heard this before, and that you'll hear it again, but- Bible time is so important! I can't emphasize this enough! When I'm able to get some truly private time in with God, it is so wonderful and refreshing. Even if you're babysitting and don't have your Bible, take some time … Continue reading The Importance of Bible Time

Issue 3 Released!

The third issue of Radiant Hearts Magazine has been released! You can check it out by clicking on the cover below (or here). The theme of this magazine is God, and the articles are about His attributes and more! The theme for the next issue can be found by clicking here. Again, we are looking for … Continue reading Issue 3 Released!

Don’t Be Defeated!

Background: I recently heard a message by Dr. Rick Flanders. At the end he said it would be life-changing, revolutionary in your life if you apply it, and I believe that to be true. This message meant so much to me that I thought I would share what I got from it with you. The sermon … Continue reading Don’t Be Defeated!