Article Submission

Are you interested in writing for this magazine/website? We are looking for godly women/young ladies to write inspiring articles. Articles are generally 500+ words, but anything would be welcome.

The spring 2018 magazine (to be published in May) theme is Biblical daughterhood. Please write on being a servant, homemaking skills, sibling/parent relationships, and anything else related to the topic. If you have a non-related article, please click the “non-thematic article” checkbox at the bottom of the form (if it is non-thematic, we may still publish it, or we may post it in the forums).

Also needed are recipes and book/movie reviews/recommendations. Please use this form to enter your favorite recipes/book/movie reviews. May’s recipe theme is breakfast dishes (we will not publish recipes for other things, but we might save the recipe for a future issue). We would appreciate any comments about where you got the recipe, why you like the recipe so much, etc. Thank you! 🙂


~the article that you submit must have no bad language in it.

~articles may not be posted elsewhere on the internet or in books. If you have previously written and posted an article on your blog/another website, please let us know that, and we may still print the article. However, if you have submitted an article and decide that you now want to post it on your blog, we ask that you not post it, and simply give a link to the issue in which we publish(ed) it. Thanks!

~all Bible verses/references must be KJV

All submissions for the May 2018 issue of the magazine must be sent by April 23rd, 2018. Thank you!



Note: Not all articles will be published, due to limited page space and other reasons.