Article Submission

Are you interested in writing for this magazine and website? We are looking for godly women and young ladies to write inspiring, encouraging, and convicting articles. Articles are generally 500+ words, but shorter articles are also welcome and needed.

The theme for the winter 2019 issue (to be published in February) is dress. We would love to hear your perspective on the topic of dress: modesty, femininity (not feminism!)… the topic is broad, so please write about whatever is on your heart. Also, don’t feel like it has to be very long: if we have several shorter (perhaps 100 words each) articles, we may compile a page of them. Thank you for your help!

If you have written an article that is not related to the topic of the upcoming issue, please still submit it! In this case, we may publish it in the upcoming issue, or may save it for a future blog post or issue.

Also needed are recipes and book/movie reviews and recommendations. Please use the below form to submit these as well. For February’s issue, we are in search of recipes for easy meals to include in the recipe column. What meal does your family make when you don’t have much time? Please submit the recipe for it! We would appreciate any comments about where you got the recipe, why you like the recipe so much, etc. Thank you! 🙂


  • The article that you submit must have no bad language in it and must be appropriate for any age.
  • Please let us know if you have previously published the article on the internet or elsewhere and give a link to it if possible. (It will likely still be published, but we would like to know anyway).
  • All Bible verses/references must be from the King James Bible.
  • Please ask your father/husband to read and approve your article before submitting it.

All submissions for the February 2019 issue of this magazine must be submitted via the form below by January 21st, 2019. Thank you!

Note: Not all articles may be published, due to page space and other reasons. We appreciate all of the articles submitted, however.