Photography Submission

We are looking for photographers to take pictures for this magazine and website! We mainly need pictures of girls/women and/or nature. If you are a photographer and are interested in letting us use your photos, please fill out the form below. We will contact you if we are interested in your pictures.


  • any girls/women in the pictures must be wearing a skirt/dress that is well past the knee, and be wearing a shirt/dress with sleeves.
  • the photos that you submit must not be on the internet or in any other magazines/publications. We will give you credit next to the picture(s).
  • please make the girls/women in the photos look natural; we’re not looking for stiff, posed expressions here, just girls serving the Lord in their homes, at church, etc.
  • make sure that you have permission from the people in the photos for us to use the picture(s).

For the April issue of the magazine, we are looking for spring-themed photos- flowers, scenery, girls picking flowers, etc. We also need photos of girls cooking/baking for the recipe column. Since the recipe column theme for April is breakfast dishes, pictures of your favorite breakfast meals would be wonderful, as well. All photos for the April 2018 issue must be submitted by April 23rd, 2018. Thanks!